Vicki Stevenson

Photo: Vicki

Me and my Work: helping people find alternatives to using fossil fuels

Status: filling in my profile...

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how many years did you spend at university to become a scientist?

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Keith Brain

Photo: Keith

Me and my Work: I research and teach, with a particular interest in how nerves control our bodies, and how drugs affect the function of these nerves.

Status: Meeting with the Wellcome Trust this morning so will miss some chats :(

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Hywel Vaughan

Photo: Hywel

Me and my Work: I’m an engineer helping to design the cockpit for what will be the world’s fastest car – aiming to reach 1000mph. Update >>> New links added!

Status: Here we go...

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Emma Carter

Photo: Emma

Me and my Work: I am an engineer and I do research into improving micro-engineering systems. Before that I was investigating how people are injured by cars and how the cars can be designed to be safer for pedestrians.

Status: still working on the GA (but getting out to enjoy the sun quite a lot too)

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Alastair Sloan

Photo: Alastair

Me and my Work: I’m a craniofacial biologist and my research is focussed on understanding the repair processes in bone and teeth and tapping into these natural repair processes to develop new clinical treatments for orofacial medicine

Status: Great chat sessions this morning. Now back to the day job and await the eviction. Good luck guys!

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