• Question: why do you want to build a car that goes 1000mph when you cant drive it anywhere without getting a ticket or worse

    Asked by harriettmay to Hywel on 18 Jun 2010 in Categories: .
    • Photo: Hywel Vaughan

      Hywel Vaughan answered on 18 Jun 2010:

      Why is a really good question harriett,
      The main aim of the project is to inspire people – the car itself won’t be used on roads after the record is done. I doubt we will all have 1000mph cars in the future! One of the main reasons though that we are building this car is because we can. Why did we go to the moon? Why do people climb Everest? The answer is because it is a challenge, and we should always try to push ourselves to see what we can achieve.
      There also may be a lot of technology that comes from this car that will influence us in the future. If you look at the early space missions, they helped develop technologies such as satnav, running shoes and flat screen TVs. Who knows what will come from this!
      In the end though, we are all about inspiring people. If we can show the world that technology can actually do amazing things, then we will have succeeded.

      On an extra note, the car wouldn’t actually get caught by a speed camera, it is much too fast! 😀