Question: why am i so hairy and im only 14 IM HAIRIER THAN MY DAD(no lie)

  1. I believe you! We inherit genes, which help to determine most things about our bodies, from both of our parents. So, it might be that you’ve inherited some rather strong hair-forming genes (technically “alleles”) from your (biological) mother. So, it would be interesting to know how hairy your mother’s father was … or you mother’s mother’s father … or …. 😉

    There are some environmental factors that affect how much head you have on your head (eg. severe stress can indeed make your hair fall out), but they don’t seem to affect body hair very much.

    Of course, if you’re talking about head hair, men tend to loose it over time (eg. my shiny forehead?), but again, this doesn’t affect body hair so much.


  2. It is most likely down to your genes Hubbard!
    The genes that control hair growth are passed down from your mother (not your father as you would think!), so it could be to do with your family history 🙂
    Another factor could be hormones – especially at 14. Steroid hormones can effect how fast your hair grows, and it could be you are going through a growth spurt that could trigger more hair growth 😀